Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pickin a Old Mill

So...I've been pretty much stalking this old mill that's in the process of being torn down for a while.  I finally found someone to ask if I could get in there and dig around.  I was expecting a big fat NO but he said sure and lead me back there.  This place was HUGE...I mean I could have stayed there for the whole weekend but the sun was going down quickly.  I got what I could but the good news is that I can go back next weekend.  In the meantime, I posted some pics of what I found in a rush.  (This is only a sampling of the things I found.  I'll post more pics within the next couple of days.)  Remember everything in the pics is for sale either at my home, at my booth at HIGH COTTON in WOODBURY, GA, or at my booth in NEWNAN, GA at THE VINTAGE FLEA.   

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