Monday, February 13, 2012

What's the deal Lucille???

I haven't blogged in sooo long.  I'm forcing myself to sit down and do it...of course, the fact that it's freezing outside and I'm sitting in front of a warm fire does help.  I have to vent a little because of what happened this weekend at an auction I went to.  I watched people pay sooo much for items that I have in my booth and see in others booths for much cheaper.  WHAT"S THE DEAL WITH THAT??  I don't know if they get in a bidding war or just loose their senses for a short time but WOW!  It's all I can do not to yell...STOP or hold some sort of auction intervention.  Oh well, enough whining....I still LOVE auctions and will continue to go to them.  (I'll go anywhere they serve food.)

I've fluffed my booth at The Vintge Flea a little and wanted to post some pics.  Please keep in mind that everything we have pictured is under $100 except the old jelly cabinet.  GREAT DEALS!!!    


  1. You must have been to Van B. I have decided to take a break from there for a while. For the last 6 months or so, I have been stunned at the auction prices and have come home with very few bargains. I think both of the auctions in our area have been discovered by folks with deep pockets.

  2. You'd better get blogging, girl! I just wrote about you on the Rockin' B blog

    and Facebook photo album!

    I'll be linking up to your blog!

  3. Take a look at this Pinterest photo - It reminds me of you mantle mirror!