Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Mom and I had hit a dry spell for the past couple of months in the pickin arena.  We've been due to hit a big one for a while and last weekend was the day!!!  It was an estate sale in College Park and ding ding ding we were the winner........We got there really early so we could be first in line but come to find out we didn't have any competition at all.  The sale started at 8:00 so we were there at 7:00 chomping at the bit....7:15-no one---7:30-no one-7:45--no one....OK, now we start to doubt ourselves and check the address and the date of the sale.  (Yes, I have done that before--shown up for a sale on the wrong day.)  Well, here comes the guy to unlock the door and we're the only ones there.  We walk in and notice that everything has CRAZY high prices on them.  BAD SIGN!!  Long story short...he had an estate sale a while back and they didn't move much so he decided that he'd run the sale himself.  GOOD SIGN!!  He told us he's already moved out and he needs to get rid of everything.  GOOD SIGN!!  Then the moment of truth know the one I'm talking about--I ask him the price on something just to feel him out (the item I picked had a $100 price tag from the "former estate sale")  he said, "What about $10?"  OH MY LORD!!!  GAME ON---Mom and I we like: Spread out and grab anything and everything!  Here are some of the pics of what we snagged.
This sign was great!!  The guy's Dad used to own an antique store.   WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! 
All this lovely junk came out of his barn.  Tons and tons of fun stuff like old hooks, pulls, windows, locks, etc...
I even like the box it was all held in.  I'll need it to sort all my "stuff."
OK..Here's one of my favorite finds of the day.  An old Sexton clock...YIPPEE!

This mirror will look great "shabbied" up..I also have a thing for wheels.  LOVE THEM!
Here's what the truck look like after we were done.  Looks like a whole bunch of nothing but there's lots of hidden treasures stuffed back there.
Another one of my favorites...I kept borrowing tools out of this old tool box to take things off the wall and it finally hit me to ask if the tool box itsself is for sale.  He thought about it for a minute which usually means no.  The he said yes but I'd have to take everything in it....UUHHH  OK!!
Here's another picture of it opened. 
More stuff....

More stuff...This was sooo much fun I can't even tell you.  Although, this is great fun for us we are exhausted by the end of the morning.  Beleive it or not only two other people showed up and by then we'd already gotten everything we wanted.  AAAHHH...The pickin gods shone upon us today!!

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