Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pics of the The Flea

Well...The Vintage Flea has changed's now The Design House.  It's downtown Newnan a couple of stores down from the Post Office.  I wanted to post a couple of pics of my booth.  My Mom and I were in the middle of rearranging our booth when I got a call from my son.....he needed me to meet him and help pick out and of course pay for his tux to the prom.  I almost broke out in tears..I can't believe he's 17 and going to the jr/sr.  Anyhoo, we're not very happy with the way it looks right now but we'll go back this week sometime and finish.
LOVE this's a bluish gray and been distressed a bit.
This old pink iron bench is my new favorite for a while.  It's only $125!!
This chair is $250 and perfect!!!  BEAUTIFUL!!!
Shabby table and chair....Love the gold lady on the table too.
What a cute table and two chairs...SUPER PRICE!!
Here's a pic of my other baby...Becca.  She's 13 and the boss of the house.
This is a pic of an old exam table I got at an auction a while back.  I haven't gotten it to my booth yet.  It could be repurposed to make something really cool.  Unfortunately, my husband is a physical therapist not a carpenter.
Here's another pic of it...I'm asking $100 which is a fabulous price for such a unique piece.
Here's a beautiful piece that I need out of my house.  I just redecorated and it doesn't fit anywhere...I need $325 for it.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
Here's another pic. It really is an expensive piece and SUPER heavy.  Let me kow if you're interested..
Here's a couple of pics of an old cot I got at an estate sale.  It would be too cute on a porch on in a garden with vines all over it.  It's at my house as well...Let me now if you want to come take a look...I have TONS of other things to look over....everythings for sale!! (except my dogs) 

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