Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Last weekend I had a really nice surprise to satisfy my "pickin" urge.  There was an estate sale in my neighborhood that I wasn't even going to bother going to because I can usually NEVER afford anything at these sales.  (Yes, I'm just that cheap!!)  Anyhoo,  it was literally right around the corner and I couldn't stand it.....and I'm so glad I went.  First of all, the house is one of those that I've admired from afar for years.  The house itself is beautiful but their yard was PERFECT!!  They had a potting shed out back and that was where I headed first.  Here are some of the pics of what I snagged.....
This little lovely was behind a door in the garage.  It had umbrellas, old tennis shoes, and junk stuffed in it.  I saw what the price tag said and snatched it up and walked around like I was stealing something.  I'm keeping it for a while just to look at it then I'm sure I'll take it to one of my booths. 
Hre's another find!!  It rolls perfectly and I forced myself to take it to my booth at Rockin B.  Of course, that's after I rolled it from room to room hoping I could find a place for it.
I had to post a pic of this stand....It sold the day I put it outside at The Design House but I just had to share.  The Little Boy Blue was another find.  I marked it right away and was going to take it to my booth but I decided...IT'S A KEEPER!!!  I'll let you know where I hang it later.
Old thermometer with great advertising....LOVE IT!!
Great plant's that old wicker which I LOVE!!
Here's a pic of the inside..I'll bring it up to a booth after I get finished looking looking at it.  I love to admire my stuff for a while before I say good bye.
This has already sold but I had to post a pic of this beauty.  It didn't even make it up the stairs at The Design House. 
Great glass top table...The bottom of it is lovely.  I haven't decided if I'm going to point it or not.
Here's the bottom of it...
I got two of these planters.  I haven't cleaned them up yet but they're coming to a booth near you...HA!!
I didn't get this a the sale but wanted to get the pic out there.  This is a bed I just finished painting.  It's too cute and I'm only asking $100!!  This piece is at my house along with a massive amount of other things just waiting for a home.  Let me know if you'd like to come rummage through everything!!

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