Friday, April 27, 2012

ON A ROLL.....

My Mom and I have been picking like crazy lately!!  She went to Asheville, NC to visit some family and came back with lots of treasures.  Here are some pics of what she snagged.  All of this hasn't made it to the booth yet but you are welcome to come to the house and shop!!
I know it's hard to see with my CRAPPY camera but this is too cute!!
A little better...
Much better...$15
MY FAVORITE!!!  Four tangerine colored old suitcases...Holy cow do I love these...
GREAT COLOR!!  $85 for all four
This is pretty beat up but still cool..Fun for the garden or wherever???$  $40
A closer look but love the big sign 359..I think it might be a keeper.
OK..I can't believe I found this old banana box.  I was on my way to an estate auction and happened upon this yard sale.  I saw this box covered up under a table and asked if it was for sale.  The answer was better than expected...They said yes and had another one if I was interested.  The price was crazy good and I couldn't believe my luck.
After getting the box-- guess what I see in the newest Flea Market Style magazine???  You guessed it..a banana box.  They had it at the foot of a bed with some quilts inside of it.
LOVE...LOVE...LOVE... $48
Alright, this is totally not my style but it was sooo cool and I know some horse lover will love it!!
This is a fountian...water should come out of the hole at the top but I don't have the pump or motor thingie.  I love it without it but's  $65
Until next time...Come to Rockin B or Design House and check out my booth.  Or just come to my house and shop....I'm ready to clear out and have someone start enjoying all these finds.


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