Saturday, July 14, 2012

WHAT THE...?????

O.K. let me set the stage a little for this picture coming up.  My son was playing ball in Nashville and I'd already planned out all the junkin places, antique stores, auctions, estate sales, etc..., that I wanted to go to in between his games.  Of course,  I wanted to hit the store of the tv show AMERICAN PICKERS.  Well, my mom and I started out and you know how it goes when you're junkin...all plans go out the window.  We went to this flea market and they recommended a place then that place recommended a place and so on and so on...  Needless to say we didn't make it to The Pickers store--I mean they wouldn't have anything we could buy and we were out to find some good stuff to resale. 

While we were junkin my son and Jonathon (basically my other son) went looking for something to do in Nashville.  They went a couple of places and ended up at the zoo.  Yes, they're both 17 but kids at heart.  When we met back up they were DYING to show us this picture of a "wolf" they'd taken.  I could tell something was up but I thought it was going to a picture of two wolves "doing it" or something stupid like that and then he showed us this...(hence the name WOLF")

My son is on the right and Johnny is on the left.  Before the zoo they went to the Pickers Place and guess who was there???  He couldn't wait to show me the picture of him and Mike "Wolf."  That's just my luck!!!!!

Here are some pictures of my new finds!!!
Cute retro stool...I have another one too but it's green.
Have the keys and love the initials....
A closer view

Old bingo cage
Old flag with 48 stars!!!
My favorite word to make!!
Lots of old letters...
Old Maid cards...
I got these for $1...These old school teacher's chairs were .50 each!!
I might keep least for a little while.  This is my new favorite piece.  The family (from the yard sale) said it's from Orlando...LOVE LOVE LOVE 
I bough this at an auction forever ago and just can't seem to get it to my booth.  I think this old exam table would make a great kitchen island or whatever...  I love this piece but I'c ready for it to go...$100 gets it!!!!
Here's a closer look...  It's really neat.

Until next time...

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