Saturday, August 25, 2012

Like A Good Neighbor...

So my Mom has a neighbor who is really living my life!!!  She and her husband have several antique booths in Atlanta.  I know one of them is at Kudzu and I'm not sure where the other one is but anyhoo...They have a huge warehouse where they keep all there goodies and for some reason they they had to clear out of the place and fast.  They moved most of the stuff and then called in the bottom feeders (me and my Mom.)  They were giving us GREAT deals and they had a ton of stuff!!!  I posted some pics of the items we snagged.  Remember EVERYTHING in these pictures is for sale.  If you see something you like just let me know. 
Lots of cool stools that came out of an old mill.  We took all the nasty "stuff" off the top and they were too cute.  The colors are great too!!  A couple have already sold but we still have several left.
These stools didn't have all that yucky stuff on them.  I'll probably stencil a number or somethig on them...not sure yet.
There's my Mom going to work on the stools already.  We really can't wait sometimes--we get so excited!!
A close up of the lettering on it...LOVE IT!!  Sorry, this one's already sold.
All we have to so is clean this piece up and it's ready to go!!  I LOVE using the magic eraser on pieces like this.  I several pieces just like this one.  Some of them are a greenish color and some are this blue color.  They all came out of the same factory that shut down.
Here's another piece that we fell in love with.  We have a couple of these and I think they're this creamy white color.
Here's a pic with the cabinet doors open.  Like I said..we have lots of scrubbing and cleaning to do.  UUGGHH!!
I'm hoping one of these two will hold our soap that we sell.  Either way they are both for sale...
I have no clue what these two are but Im a sucker for that yellow color. 
OK, I have no idea why I got this but HOW COOL!!!  I'm going to post it on craigslist and hopefully there's a fireman who's going to flip out over this piece.  It's HUGE and barely fit in our trailer.  All the pieces in the back haven't even been pulled out yet. 
A closer picture of this massive thing.  Thank goodness is rolls perfectly!
I couldn't get close enough to the back of the trailer but you can get an idea of some of the other pieces we got.
Cute trash can...sold this one but have another.
This is old library or school table.  Not sure which but it's VERY VERY long.  (over 8 ft.)
Love this piece!!!  The color is great and I love anything you can stuff things in!
We didn't get this from our neighbor but I love this set!!  It's so cute!!
I have several of these old lab/chemistry tables!!  I've sold a couple already I think I have 3 left.  They come with cuss words carved in them and gum on the bottom too!!
Well, that's it for now.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of our booths but I'll remember I promise.

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