Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Booth At The Design House

FINALLY...I remembered to bring my camera with me to  my booth.  The following pictures are of my booth at The Design House (previously called The Vintage Flea) in downtown Newnan.  All the items you see in these pictures are for sale!!!! 
I love this piece!!!  It's only $175..great deal!  Notice the old doctor's bag on the right. ($75)
Cute little pink metal stand.  I can't remember how much but I'm sure it's $20 something.  Love the clock faces in the green planter.  They're really cute in an arrangement on the wall.
Great old wood shabbied up medicine cabinet!! 
Old wicker table painted a cool blue and shabbied up.  The tape dispenders are a new obsession of mine.  There's the doctor's bag again.
I have lots of these old mill stools but this color is my favorite.  Obviously, it was Roy' it!  I grabbed this lobster buoy at an estate sale.  I might keep it if it doesn't sell in the next week or so.($45)
Pretty chair...great for a bedroom, guest room, or even powder room.  The old framed flash card is gone.  I gave it to my teacher friend because she just found out she's going to be a Mommy!! you know how you have that piece that you know will sell as soon as you take it up there doesn't.  Well, this cute little table is that piece for me this month.  I CANNOT believe this hasn't sold yet.  I really want to put a note on it that says, "What the hell is wrong with you people..don't you see this beautiful table??"  Anyhoo, it's only ($50 something)
More cute pieces and I love all my smalls!!!
Old kids cupboard...great for a little girl's room.  It's pink and shabbied up.
Great shelf with lots of smalls...I love my creepy doll heads!
Another favorite is the tri fold mirror..It's super heavy and old!!
That mirror on the wall is the can't see the etching on the glass but it's beautiful.  (I really suck at taking pictures.  I need to take a class or something.)  The old sorority paddle is cute too!
I saved the best for last...this whole set up is great!!  It's all pink and too cute.  The old pink bed is my favorite.  That shelf with hooks is up there too.  As you can tell I love just about everything we have.
Old chalkboard...
A better look at the bed...that pink vintage box is really cute too.
 A better look of that shelf with the hooks...a couple of vintage baby dresses are hanging on it.
Old wood, pink, altered laundry basket.  What a cute baby gift !!
French provencial nightstand...($60 something)
Graet old medicine cabinet!!!
Another one of those pieces that I can't believe hasn't sold yet...It's an old metal rolling cart!!!  I have my arms and legs in an old wire basket. 
Our booth is really small but as you can tell we've crammed a ton of stuff in there.  Come see us!!  I'm hoping to post pics of our Rockin B booth in the next couple of days for all of my 6 followers!!  HA! HA!

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  1. Hey, great display girls. We'll miss you at the B but we have moved to The BoneYard on Raymond Hill. Very excited about the move. See ya at the sales!!