Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lockers, Lockers, and more Lockers...

Hey Ya'll!!  My Mom and I have been busy busy busy lately....out junkin, painting, but most cleaning!!  We picked an old printing company that went out of business which was SOOO much fun!!!  Well, needless to say we didn't stop to think that everything we bought was covered in ink.  It all came off the items we picked up but we really had to scrub!  Here are some pics of the things we picked up.  (Remember everthing is for sale in the pictures.)  If you are interested in anything just give me a call.  404-944-2552
Great industrial cabinet with drawers!!  (Sorry...SOLD)
HOLY GOOD GOD....I went nuts when I saw this piece!!  The color alone is great.  It can be yours for $125!! 
This didn't come from the printing company but it's a new find.  $85
Never can I pass up a dress form!!  $125
Lots of great old staplers!!!  $5-$8 each
These were one of my favorites!!  After I scrubbed all the ink off them they turned out too cute.
So these big mills had there own "nurses station."  I bought the whole room...I mean everything in it!!  This has the stretcher in it and I flipped!!  I also got the cot they rested on.  It is the neatest thing but it's still covered in patches of ink.  I haven't cleaned it up yet...
The auctioneer thought I was crazy when I asked if I could have all the square clip boards in the building!!  He said sure so I went rummaging through all the offices!!
This is a HUGE old cork board!!  I can't wait to display some old pictures and great maps I've had for a while!!  It's $85!!
These are another thing I asked the auctioneer to let me rummage around for.  I wanted all the wood wood boxes!!  I embellished them a bit!!
Here they are..not a big change but they look much better.
These were used to carry big barrells.  I thought they would make cool tables...just add glass!!
A closer look at them!!  I have a couple of these!!
Here are many pictures of the super cool industrial ladders I found!!  They are great!!!  This is just a stool but it's my favorite.  $22
The step ladders without the handles are $45 each!!  I have several!!
The ones with the handles are $65!!  I have many more!!
Another pic...
They are on wheels!!!  Too cool!!
It will be great once it's cleaned up!!!
All it needs is a little cleaning up!!  The top is beans!
Nothing a magic eraser can't take care of...great color!!
I still have some of these big letters left...very neat!!
This table is 8 ft long and 24 inches wide and tall!!  It must have been an old sunday school table or art table for kids!! $150
A closer look...
So here's the story behind these lockers...I bought a whole "men's bathroom" full of lockers for a great price.  I had my husband come back with me to get them and come to find out they were BOLTED to the cement wall.  It took us forever to get these da## things off the wall.  When I say this bathroom was nasty--I mean it was SCANK!!!!  The things we found inside those lockers...holy cow!!  So when people want me to come down off my already "very reasonably priced stuff" I just want to tell them...Where are you going to find lockers on your own anyway...Why don't you go stand for hours in the heat or freezing cold and bid on these things yourself...Then you'll have to pry them off the wall of a nasty, scanky, pee smelling bathroom...I don't think so... 
 Sorry for the rant above but if you're a dealer you feel my pain!!
Each set is $150!!  Three doors on the top and three on the bottom.
**Until next time...

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