Monday, May 6, 2013


Here are some pictures of our latest pick!!!  Most all the items went to our new booth at The Boneyard.  We've been there for a month and have done :kinda--sorta--ok--I guess.  I know it takes a while to get a following at a new space and we are always so impatient.  Any way, I thought I'd lure you to our booth with some pics of our new "junk."  Most of these pics came from a junkin trip to Macon, Ga.  FUN!! FUN!! DIRTY DIGGIN FUN!!
The back seat...
The other side...
I kept on stuffin in in there.
A bit more...
I snagged bunches of these old needle books.
another one...
and another...
Yes, more...
Last one...
How cute are these old "hair snaps?"
These too...I have several of these!!!
Love this file box but the reason I bought it is cause it's FULL of bartender recipes!!
Jam packed with recipes!!
Love all these road maps!  The blue stool SOLD!!
These lockers just sold!!!  I'll be bringing up some more!
MY NEW FAVORITE!!!  This piece is too cool and I love the color.
Great shabby china cabinet!!
The blue inside is so pretty..
I'm crazy for anything industrial.  I got this piece out of a barn.  The guy kept his tools in it.  I embellished it a bit and it turned out cute.
More industrial..I have about 5 of these left.
I cannot believe this blue chippy table hasn't sold yet!!  This is one of my FAVORITE pieces.  If it's not gone by the end of the month it's coming home to mama!!
The next pics are of out booth at The Boneyard!!!  COME AND GET IT!!
Here's a pic of my son who's "fixin" to graduate from Newnan High. 
AGAIN... with my other baby.
The ruler of the 14 year old baby!!

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