Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"We are "Rockin at the B!!"

Here are some recent pictures of our booth at Rockin B!!!  We just went up today and took some lockers and others fun "spring like stuff."
LOVE these lockers!!!

Great retro cabinet with glass doors.  The color is great!!
This is the last one of these mill pieces!!  I almost hate to sell it but I kept a couple for myself and so did mom.  Great color and size!!
Here's another picture of it!!
I'm a sucker for trunks and boxes.  I'm all about stacking!!
Here's several pictures of all our smalls we have in our booth.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all our smalls.  It's so fun searching and digging for all this cool stuff. 
This piece would make a great bedside table for a boy's room or wherever!!
Here's a big filing cabinet I haven't brought up to my booth yet!!  The color is GREAT!!
A closer look...
This is how my Mom's yard looks right now!!!  We snagged a bunch of outdoor stuff.  All the bird baths and planters are GREAT!!
This is an old work's in my garage right now and needs to get OUT!!  I'm selling it for $150!!
A closer look...
I only have two of these bins left!!  $15 each!!
I must have been in a "green mood" cause I bought green bins, work tables and now these really cool small filing cabinets!!  $45 each!!
Another look...
Oh well...until next time!!

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